What to Know about the Whistleblower Plot But You In Fact Have No Idea – It’s the CIA, Stupid!

What did Adam Schiff know and when did he know it?

Sorry, that line from Watergate is supposed to be the question the Schiffheads are supposedly going to ask President Trump’s mini-minions in the U.S. State Department tomorrow at the Beltway Circus Olay of the Day.  So what did Trump know it and when did he know it?

I don’t know if Trump knows it.  Barr most likely does.  So let’s be non-partisan.  What does Barr most likely know?

Well, Barr probably knows what nobody seems to know but is out there in plain sight.  You know what I’m sayin’, homey:  this is a CIA-directed “coup de ta-da against Trump and the Trumpies because he or his maxi-minions might know too much about, yea, YOU-Kraine.

C’mon, you don’t know what I’m sayin’ – the CIA, give me a break?.  Well, the CIA has been known to put together little coups, like in Iran, or Guatemala, or Chile, yea, you get the point.  But isn’t the CIA the Ultimate Archdemon, the Grandma Moses Muthefucke of all conspiracy theories?

Well, here’s a little link for you.  In 2017 a guy named James Cofer Black signed on, along with Hunter Biden before him, as a director of Burisma.  Now there hasn’t been much written in the mainstream press about Black (after whom “Blackstone” is named and goes by the first name of “Cofer”, which rhymes with “gopher” as in stealth creature that lives in holes underground and is very difficult to catch). This may be one of the “conspiracy theories” that Schiff is warning about which of course isn’t a conspiracy theory at all, since it’s all public record.

Like the unnameable whistleblower whose last name sounds like a type of pasta and who we know works for the CIA, Black was the immediate predecessor to John Brennan as director of the National Counterterrorism Center at the Company from 1999-2002.  His brilliance is shown by the fact that he somehow “missed” the 9/11 hijackers, even though the FBI was tracking them at the time. Or was it cunning?  You draw your own conclusions.

When he left the CIA, according to various sources, he supposedly started his own off-the-books “security” operation. There have been allegations about it that make you wonder. Blackstone BTW is now called Academie.  Sounds very professorial, doesn’t it?

As another BTW, when Cofer joined Burisma in 2017, The Huffington Post, that PR agency for Clinton, Inc., published a brief article calling the appointment “good news” and commented that “he will help to expand the company’s global presence.”  You bet.

But there’s another dimension of this little saga that even sites like Red State, which just broke the revelation about Black Ops Black of Burisma fame (I of course was going to write about it earlier in the week, thought I thought I’d wait until the hearings, but alas was scooped).  And that dimension is laid out in a 2012 book, of which Amazon a few years back tried squashing, by distinguished investigative journalist Evan Wright called How to Get Away With Murder in America.  Wright was a regular writer for Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone, not exactly right-wing publications.

In his book Wright describes in detail the close relationship between Black and a feller named Enrique “Ricky” Prado, a Miami drug dealer with close ties to the Colombian cartels in the 1980s whom the CIA recruited and rose quickly into the top ranks, meanwhile blocking the local police from arresting him for numerous murders.

Prado knew everything about assassinations, money laundering, and making nice with such nice people as Pablo Escobar, the necessary skill set to rise to such lofty positions in the Company as it in such ventures as Reed describes in Compromised became known as The Corporation.  Reportedly Prado, who is now allegedly “retired”, brought the same skills to his unnamable off-the-books-operation after Blackie “retired” too.

I’m sure Black knew as much about oil and gas leases as Hunter Biden, which is why (even though totally unknown) was a real “find” for Burisma.  Heck, he’s probably good at golf, like Joe Biden, as well.

Now, if this is all a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory (the CIA engage in coups, that’s a conspiracy theory, you know?), I wonder why Steve Pieczenik,  former intelligence officer prior Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under various Republican administrations, is of the strong opinion that it is in fact a CIA-sponsored coup. It’s probably because of the tinfoil hat he stole from Adam Schiff, who got it from Mitt Romney, which he probably got from a UFO spotter somewhere in Wyoming.

More on that later.

What does Madigan know, and when did he know it?  Madigan has known all along, which means he knows way too much.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the “Deep State”…let’s get started

My name is Madigan.  That’s not my real name of course, because I’ve been when you sojourn, even for a short while, in the Deep State your name is changed…forever.  But it will do for right now.  In a week I might be someone else.

In this age which is hypocritically called “post-truth” (that implies previous ages were truthful, or people really cared about “truth”) it’s hard to figure out what to believe.  So the only way I convince you to take me seriously, let alone believe what I will reveal to you, is gradually and over time.  It’s not much different than entering into an intimate relationship with someone.  It takes time to peel off their endless layers of masks, and ironically to peel off your very own masks.  And even if you “know” them in the Bible sense right off the bat, you only get to know them over times.

That’s really why Denizens of the Deep State, as in all the popular spy  movies, are always jumping into bed with each other.

In the Deep State it’s all about trust, but trust has to be earned.  Now, I’m boring you with the obvious.  Let’s move on…

I am in the Deep State, because I was born into it.  Yea, you really don’t get recruited into it at the “entry level”, then work your way up, like in all the Hollywood thrillers, even if you end up going rogue.  You’re selected because someone close to you was selected in a previous generation, and so on.  Now, of course, just because your parent or close relative was part of it, that doesn’t mean you will be.  You have to be “tapped” in a moment of crisis.  Let me explain.

My “progenitor” was my father.  Until recently that was usually the case, but there are many cases of having mothers, brothers, and even aunts, uncles, and cousins.   The Deep State is no longer as waspishly consanguinary as it was as late as the last generation.   I’m not a WASP.  I’m mostly Eastern European with a little hidden Jewishness.  But that’s not really relevant at this point.

I’m pretty sure my father was bent on making sure I wasn’t selected.  He had this fantasy that I would never know what had gone on.  He wanted me to be innocent of it all, I suppose, like those Mafioso who had all girls and wanted to make sure their little “princesses” never knew about how their uncles and various male forbears had done the “blood in” thing across generations.   Unlike many of these “bloodliners”, my father as bent on bringing down the curtain once and for all.

Except that somebody wasn’t going to let that happen, at least for a while.   So when my father died at an untimely age, my “Dutch uncles” stepped in and, as far as I can tell, made me a “regent” for a decade or two until they felt it was time.

But I don’t want to spend a lot of time with my personal details.  How could you verify them anyway?  Especially since you don’t really know who I am.

What I want to let you know is that the Deep State is suddenly in crisis right now.  It’s sort of like those old Japanese movies where they drop an atomic bomb on an atoll, and some ancient, slumbering and horrendous creature is aroused from its deep sleep.  For the first time in almost half a century the Deep State was not able to manage the world the way it wanted to, and was caught off guard.

The kerfuffle over the administration’s supposed “Russia scandal”, and all the hot air that was sucked out of the balloon after the Comey hearing this past week, is just the latest dustup.  There is more coming, and you – whoever you are – need to be prepared.